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Brick Design Hotel interior boasts an exquisite collection of original paintings created by the non-conformist artists of the XX century – Marlen Spindler, Alexei Kamensky, Valery Yurlov, Vladimir Andreenkov, Igor Vulokh – whose works are also part of permanent collections of the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, the Russian Museum in St.Petersburg and other key art museums around the globe. More about nonconformist artists on website of Nadja Brykina Gallery

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Boris Otarov. Composition
Valery Yurlov. Trinity
Marlen Spindler. Meeting, 1970
Marlen Spindler. Composition
Marlen Spindler. Cat, 1977
Vladimir Andreenkov. Summer, 1987
Vladimir Andreenkov. Construction, 2011
Vladimir Andreenkov. Self Portrait
Vladimir Andreenkov. Swimmer, 1978
Alexey Kamensky. Four Seasons, 1999
Igor Vulokh. Composition
Igor Vulokh. Composition, 1970
Mikhail Krunov. Three, 1998
Andrey Krasulin. Object